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Target 85kg with Fuel Athletics

Every year I say I want to lose weight but every year its been a tough and difficult process. Even with mountain biking, I managed to lose significant weight (down from 113kg to currently 97kg) but I feel that I am still on the hefty side and need to lose even more. Few things came […]

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Beginner’s guide to mountain biking in Bukit Kiara

Navigation: Location Trails I thought it would be good to pen down some of my thoughts as well as the journey I went through when picking up the sport of mountain biking. I started off many years back in high school where I would constantly ride to FRIM in Kepong, but after losing my bike, […]


30 lbs by Thirty – Project 30

I hardly ever blogged about my birthday but this time I decided to write a little bit about that. You see, I turn 30 (yes the big three oh) in a couple of months time, less than 3 months to be a little bit more precise. A friend of mine once told me that when […]