Beginner’s guide to mountain biking in Bukit Kiara


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I thought it would be good to pen down some of my thoughts as well as the journey I went through when picking up the sport of mountain biking. I started off many years back in high school where I would constantly ride to FRIM in Kepong, but after losing my bike, I stopped for over 20 years. It was at the start of 2018 did I pick up the sport again and with Bukit Kiara being the closest trail location, it took me a while to learn about it and honestly, I am still learning about it!


Bukit Kiara is located between Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Hartamas in the city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. There are entrances from both suburbs into the trail. Most people like to park their cars at the carpark before heading up the trails.

Bukit Kiara Federal Park – Limited Parking


Parking at this location which is at the Bukit Kiara Federal Park is very limited. There are many visitors to the park so proper parking is difficult to get in the mornings. Most people tend to park illegally by the side of the road in front of the school but that would disturb the residents of the area.

Bukit Kiara Parking at the slope – more space but parking space is quite tight


Parking here is also difficult and getting in here can be daunting as many people park along the road making traffic come to a standstill at times because you would be waiting for people to come out of parking spaces. If you are the type that need to take your bike out of your vehicle and assemble it, this parking spot isn’t the best place. There isn’t much space for you to unload your bike. No doubt this parking spot is the closest to the trails but hey, if you are going there to exercise, a couple of hundreds of meters shouldn’t be an issue.

Taman Rimba Kiara – My perferred parking spot


This space is still close to the park and has plenty of parking spaces with plenty of space for you to load/unload your bicycle. I normally park here for my weekend rides in order to easily get into my gear, unload my bike and start riding. Also there is a lot of space for me to swap out my armour and gear after a bicycle ride.

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