Beginner’s guide to mountain biking in Bukit Kiara

Trails in Kiara

One of the first things you should do is download the Trailforks app on the Apple App Store or Google Play for your mobile phone. This app would give you access to the plethora of trails available at most locations. Using this app as a guide, you can find from trail locations to even trail difficulties. To take things easy as a start, no matter what sort of mountain bike you may have, whether it is a full suspension or a hard tail, you can always start off with some easy trails such as Office, Bar-a-kuda and 2K. Personally I started off with 2K (not the full loop) and then normally finish the ride going down Bunion and then to the carpark with a big triple terrace drop near the end. Took me a while to get used to it. 

Another app to get is Strava where you can track your rides using you mobile phone’s GPS or if you have a fitness watch you can also use that to track your rides. The Garmin watches and the Apple watches are good especially those with built-in GPS chips. 

Here are some videos you should watch in order to have a look and feel of the trails in Bukit Kiara. Do note that the trails are a living and breathing part of nature and trees and mud may alter it slightly but let these videos be a good guide for you to understand it better. Also the camera angle doesn’t show how steep some parts are, the best is for you to head up those trails yourself. 

Office Trail Bukit Kiara

Bar-A-Kuda Trail Bukit Kiara

Here is a mix of the 2K trail, there are 3 branches you can fork out to whilst going through the 2K trail. The first being 2K and then joining to The Mission

In the video above, at 2.47 time, there is a fork. At the fork if you turn right you continue off through the 2K trail whereelse if you went straight as per the rider in the video, you will enter The Mission trail. 

Here is 2K to Apollo out. Both Mission and Apollo end at the same part of the hill. 

At the video above, at time 2.08 is where the turn-off to the Apollo trail. That turn off is a huge drop which is quite technical and difficult at the start. As a beginner, I myself haven’t attempted it yet myself but one day I shall go for it. 

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