Conducting a Basic Photography Workshop



Yup, as the title says, I will be conducting a workshop this Saturday on basic photography at my company’s office in KLCC. I think it will be an exciting and interesting event so I definitely need to beef up my slides a bit more to ensure that I can help them visually see the effects when tinkering with their cameras.

The great thing about it was that I was totally overwhelmed with the response. I had initally told them that a small crowd of 30 participants would be perfect including a couple of mentors. So the email went out company wide and within a couple hours, all seats were taken up. I am totally surprised by the overwhelming response (there is even a waiting list) so to be extremely honest, I feel to pressure to need to ensure that the workshop is a huge success.

I started working on the slides on my flight to Los Angeles as well as when I was waiting for my flight. From what I can see now, there is a lot more for me to improve as well as making sure I put into practice what I learned from reading my Presentation Zen book.

Now I feel a little nervous but I definitely want to help everyone learn about the wonderful beauty of the world of photography. Wish me luck everyone!

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