Clean Desk Day

Alright, after @theBackPackr tweeted about today being a clean desk day and after he has reminded us again today with a blog post about it, I figured to myself, why shouldn’t I clear my desk as well? I would pretty much say that my desk at work is fairly easy to clean. Its my desk at home which is a nightmare!

A quick description of what is on my desk, I have my laptop sitting on a laptop dock. It is connected to a mouse and keyboard which I use most of the time. The keyboard was a hand-me-down keyboard which I received when I moved places in the office. As you can see, my desk is pretty small which makes it easier for me to clean as well. I have an IP Phone next to me and a mini fan which I bought for myself because it is so friggin hot here.

Here are some more close up of my desk to show how messy the wires and cables can be!

Mini fan with messy cables

The mini fan is my life saver sometimes but it can be rather noisy as well.

Super messy cables including laptop lock

The IP phone has a network cable connected to it and another one connected outwards towards my docking station. There is also a laptop lock for

After a quick organising and cable management, voila, this is what happened to my desk.

Cleaned desk

Doesn’t look like much but mind you, the documents are all stored in the cabinet! Took me 3 seconds to stuff everything in there. I was seriously so amazed because of my super organizational skills.

Mini fan revisited

After careful thought and consideration and weighing various techniques and options, the best solution I came up with the mini fan was to tie the wire with a cable tie. It took me a strenuous 5 seconds to tie it up. Talk about hard work and quick thinking strategy.

Less clutter behind the laptop

At the end of the day, I get a cleaner desk where I can throw more documents on the next day especially after a meeting and get my feet tangled up because I love to cross my legs when I am at my desk due to the dangling cables.

This is where all my cables went to!

So I would love to encourage everyone to spend a little time to clean up their desk, preferbly on Monday. With that you have 4 more days of the week to mess it up again in order for you to clean up your desk again next Monday. I think I shall start a trend, #MessyDeskFridays.

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  1. My work environment is either the home office or a client and it’s never dusty. I figured it was worth a shot to clean the fan. I grabbed my trusty can of compressed air and, while the system was still running, blew the air into as many different angles as I could. I was surprised to see the amount of dust coming out of the fan.

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