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…….that is posted on a Thursday.

So I got carried away with work yesterday and totally forgot that it was Wednesday. After being carried away, I ended up being so excited over catching Transformers 2 that the movie ended so late and I just got back. Yesterday, I went for dinner with a bunch of crazy photographers (so crazy that they can even make balloon dolls for you) at Delicious at Midvalley. Me, being me, driving all the way from Cyberjaya, I ended up taking photos with my trusty iPhone instead. But today is not about EatFest, today it is about Clicks, and by clicks I mean my usual list of interesting links.

  • Check out this gallery of amazing photos that was taken with a camera phone! This further elaborate on my that it is the photographer behind the camera that makes the pictures (I said this during my workshop last Saturday).
  • With so much hype about the government wanting to keep a register of bloggers, some say that bloggers are killing journalist. I beg to differ and so does this article.
  • Want to know how much Twitter has grown? If you don’t know what is Twitter, just join and add me in @markleo82
  • Has the law finally caught up with Rapidshare?
  • Check out this huge debate on what went on at Matt’s Adobe Lightroom post. Very interesting and great arguments from both sides. The story originated from a guy who wrote a nifty little program that when you enter in a Flickr image, it will calculate out and create a Lightroom preset to achieve that effect. Some say it is stealing but some say that it isn’t because no one can copyright Adobe Lightroom settings. If that is the case, no one can use +10 Saturation, + 20 vivid and vignette.
  • Become a better photographer through the critique of others. What can I say, the title of that article says it all. Which was why I implemented what I have learned from Louis Pang‘s workshop and did a simple critique session for the workshop which I held recently as well.
  • Check out this interview with Landscape Photography Legend Art Wolfe at Digital Photography School. Here is the link to Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview.

A brief Wednesday Clicks this week but watch out for this space, I have a whole new blog revamp coming up soon and no, I didn’t do it myself. So it is going to look way awesome!

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