Resolving the “Unable to locate WordPress Content Directory” issue

Do you use a WordPress engine for your blog and recently whenever you try the automatic upgrade functionality you seem to get an error such as the “Unable to locate WordPress Content Directory (wp-content)” issue?

Usually when you start upgrading either the WordPress engine or your plug-ins via the automatic upgrade, you might come about the screen below.

FTP upgrade

Now upon entering all of your usual details, you might end up with the error below.

The “Unable to locate WordPress Content directory” message would then pop up. This issue has been bugging me and after trying various fixes such as allowing the directory to have the necessary authorisations or including in codes into the theme files, it just didn’t seem to fix the issue until I came about this solution.

By using “” as your Hostname, you will actually inform the engine to locate the LocalHost where your “wp-content” folder resides in.

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