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A couple months back I was in Maldives and it was absolutely amazing. I will leave the activities and the location where I stayed for another post here. Anyway one of the key things which I realize, one, I should have planned my stay to be longer and two, I really do need a tripod especially when shooting landscape photos.

Here are some of the landscape photos I took at the various times of the day.

One thing which still mesmerizes me is that the water is so clear here. No teh tarik colours which we get from Port Dickson. You could just see the seabed through the water.

Another amazing point is how blue the sky was. Shooting during the day was an absolute joy with the exception of the heat and humidity.

Throughout my stay there, I was really fortunate to have great weather. It didn’t rain a single day but the week before I arrived, it was raining almost everyday. I checked the weather forecast and was really praying for good weather when I arrived there.

Below are some of the chalets where they are built on stilts above the water. One of the best things about staying there is that you can just jump out from your room and into the water. If you could see closely at the image, you might be able to see two specks in the water, who happen to be two guests who were staying at the chalet and enjoying the water.

The next couple of shots were taken during sunset which provides a warmer feel to the images.

As mentioned earlier, because I didn’t have a tripod, it was tough finding a flat rock where I could balance my camera and capture the images below at long exposure values.

Throughout my stay there, it was extremely windy and because it the winds were blowing at such a high speed, the clouds are blurred out due to it’s movement.

The last photo shows the air taxi landing. Because the Maldives are made out of thousands of small islands, the only way to travel about is to travel via speedboat or air taxis.

Watch out for more posts about Maldives!

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