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Adjustment Bureau

It all started when Mel suggested that we try eating lunch at this “char siew” restaurant in Shah Alam at a restaurant called Spring Golden. During lunch we toyed with the idea of catching a movie that night and at 5pm I received a call from BK and he said that there were tickets for the “Adjustment Bureau”, I just said, “yes” without much thought.

Fast forward a couple of hours, the 7 of us went into the cinema and I had totally no expectations of the movie. I didn’t read the synopsis and I thought this was gonna be some Bourne Identity style type of movie. Only did I realise that after a couple of minutes into the show, the story line did become a little weird.

The movie centered around a character called David Norris (played by Matt Damon) who was running to be elected as senate. He was deemed as the youngest one ever to run for office and just before he was supposed to deliver his speech right after the polls were in, he met a girl whom he fell head over heels over. But because he was a high profile figure with a promising career in front of him, there are people who deemed that this relationship shouldn’t continue and are trying their all to keep them apart.

So basically, it sounds straight out of a bollywood plot. Rich boy from upper class meets girl of his dreams from lower class and everyone is trying to separate them.

Thats where it gets interesting. Trust me, it gets real interesting.

I shouldn’t really spoil it for those who have yet to watch it. I personally thought that it was rather entertaining and I would give it a 7/10 stars.

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