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The title says it all, if someone were to ask me what have I been doing with my free time lately, my answer is being tied up with renovations. Went to HomeDec 2012 last weekend and also during lunch time as well to check out accessories and good deals on furniture.

Then over the past two weeks, I have visited various tile shops to choose tiles for the house as well. Choosing tiles hasn’t been easy, there are so many varieties, colours to choose from, brands and designs. All of these choices to make and then trying to see if it fits into my budget. From floor tiles, wall tiles, table top tiles, decorative panels and even more, it was a fun process although at times I might have been a little edgy but I blame that to lack of sleep rather than the process of choosing tiles.

Some of the shops that I visited included the Niro showroom near 3-2 Square, the Guocera showroow (Wisma Kemajuan) opposite Niro near 3-2 Square, Buimaco at Taman Megah, Hoover at Section 17 located at the same row as Kanna Curry House, Super Ceramic at Jalan 222, and Sing Mee at Jalan Penchala off Jalan Tandang. Personally I would say if you were a first time tile hunter, just head straight to Sing Mee and you can probably find your tiles there. I also visited Feruni and Better Living at their HomeDec booths but didn’t like some of the tiles they had on show there.

Living Room

Overall, I stuck with 2×2 tiles for the living room, dining room and dry kitchen. I chose 2×1 tiles for the wet kitchen floor and 1×1.5 tiles for the kitchen wall. The toilets will be using a mixture of 2×1 tiles, 1×1.5 tiles and 1×1 tiles. Will snap pictures of them once they have been laid out.

With the house design, I have decided that I wanted a more spacious area for my living room and dining room. That was achieved by knocking the wall previously separating the kitchen and the living room.

Look ma, no more parquet flooring!

Another option I wanted was to remove the older parquet flooring and replace it with other types of flooring. From laminated flooring, vinyl flooring, hard wood and even engineered wood, I found that hard wood was my preferred choice. Hard wood is nice but it takes a long time (9 weeks) to get it all laid and cured.

Laying out the aircon points and piping

Learnt some interesting tips as well, once the wiring and cables have been laid, take a picture of them so that the next time when you want to do a bit of drilling or knock in some nails to hang a picture, you would know where the wires are located. Thanks for the tip guys!

Huge dumping site on my front porch

After experiencing fantastic water pressure at hotels, I really want to have the same pressure for my house especially since I will be using a rain shower head. Looks like I will be hunting for the water pump as well as the water heater for the house this weekend.

I really have to thank my parents for being so supportive and helpful with the house renovation as well as checking up with the contractors. Definitely wouldn’t be able to progress this far at all without their help! Thanks Mum and dad!

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