G3 Kitchen and Bar

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating an old friend’s birthday at G3 Kitchen and Bar at Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar. Prior to this occasion, I never heard of the place and the only reason I might only venture towards Bangsar is to try out the banana leaf rice there.

When I entered the restaurant, I thought it did seem a bit casual as it was an open concept style and we were surrounded by bits and pieces of grocery items such as sauces, eggs and other food stuff. Anyhow since there were a fair bit of us in the group, we decided on sharing some of the food we ordered. I decided on trying out two pizza’s there, a fishy variant (3 different types of fish with honey mustard toppings) and a spicy lamb and eggplant pizza.

The result was absolutely stunning! So stunning that I totally forgot to take pictures of the pizza as I was just too busy gobbling it all down. I even had a chance to taste a friend’s Chicken Tikka Masala, the chicken was extremely tender and juicy!

Personally, I have always loved Italianies’ salmon pizzas but now I guess I have found a new place to eat pizza from now onwards. Generous portions and the price isn’t too bad as well.

One thing I did regret was not sampling one of their many scrumptious looking desserts which are displayed right at the entrance. I can definitely blame that on my account that I am completely overweight and I do have to watch my diet. Well, perhaps when I have lost about 10-15kg and I will definitely return there to eat some dessert. And perhaps during my next visit, I will remember to take at least some photos.

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