Burgers Delight

It all started when a friend of mine decided to tag me on Facebook with Burgertory’s advert for their Big Fry Belly Burger that I decided to try it out. I am not much of a fan to start taking pictures of food and start blogging about it but the burger was as awesome as the image itself. 


Overall as a burger, it was pretty tasteful but a little on the dry side. The patty was moist and nicely cooked but I will still stick to beef burgers in the future.


Interestingly enough, me being the so called macho man, decided not to Google or check out where Burgertory was and I ended up parking near BurgerFactory instead. My face was absolutely priceless when I found out that I went to the wrong place. Thank goodness that both these places were relatively nearby.  Situated above a Guardian pharmacy, the place was completely packed on a Sunday night.


Ordering was rather complex as there was only a single menu to view at the cashier. I was rather impressed that the place was built by a few folks. They even show cased their journey on the wall which I thought brought a little homely touch to the joint.


We proceeded to order our food, the prices of the burgers were relatively ok, less than RM20 for a burger but the moment you make it into a set, it costs either an additional RM5 or RM9.

Burger set +additional RM5
Burger set +additional RM5

The good thing with the set is that it also comes with a drink and the soft drinks are refillable. And yes, there is coke light available there.

Burger set additional RM9
Burger set additional RM9

Overall the burgers are not that large, after completing a set, I felt that I could gobble up another burger.


In terms of size relativity, my wife can eat a whole set and not be completely full. I did contemplate getting another burger or some side dish but decided to check out the dessert offerings in the area instead.


If you were to ask me to make a trip back there again I would definitely go back to try out their other burgers as well as other things on their menu.


Honestly, stuck at SS15 in Subang, amidst more than 20+ burger stores (small stalls and shops included), Burgertory does hold it’s candle well against the competition. Although pricey, perhaps I wouldn’t need to get the set next time (two sets costs us RM45 for two).


By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life

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