STP Diesel Fuel Treatment – It Works!

After about 82,000km, the Diesel engine started to feel a little rough. This meant I could feel a little bit more vibrations then usual and because of the hydraulic steering on my E90 320d, I feel the vibration a lot more.

Previously I had my car sent to a workshop to undergo this Liqui Moly Jetronic cleaning bit but that was when the car had only 40,000km to the clock and frankly, after spending a couple of hundred bucks for the cleaning service, I couldn’t tell any difference.

I had consider sending my car in again now but I thought why not try a cheaper alternative. So off I went to ACE hardware at Publika last night, bought a whole bunch of STP Diesel Fuel Treatment (I just took the first one I saw on the shelf as there were many diesel fuel treatment available). At RM14.90 per bottle, it was a lot cheaper then sending the car in for the jet cleaning service. I bought 5 in total.

After that, I went to the nearest BHP station which was located at Mutiara Damansara and pumped in a full tank of diesel and poured in the fuel treatment. Honestly, I felt the engine become so much smoother. It really does have an effect and I guessed as much that my injectors were getting clogged up especially thanks to our high sulphur diesel available here.

I will monitor the progress for a bit and see if there are any more feedback I get from the engine.

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