Review: Samurai Lip


The other day I was surfing through Facebook whilst I was probably waiting in some queue that I chanced upon a picture of car with a nice lip, something which was subtle and looked practical as well. Little did I know it was a product made out of rubber and it can be made to fit any car.

Of course, without much thinking, I just called the guy and he gladly came over to my house to install the lip. The product name, Samurai Lip and its made out of rubber, hailing from Thailand.

Sounds pretty cool to me.

The product basically arrives as a strip of rubber with 3M tape on one end. If I am not mistaken, the length of the rubber is 2.5m. Hence as long as your bumper doesn’t exceed that length, you should have enough material.

Installation was very easy and straight forward. You clean the area where you want to stick the rubber parts to and the product gives you the cleaning materials as well.

After you cleaned the area, then you proceed to stick it onto the bumper. Because I am such a klutz and don’t have the patience, Kit, the guy selling the stuff, was kind enough to do it for me.

He made sure that the rubber piece stuck on properly as well as made sure that I was happy with it before pressing it onto the bumper.

I was quite happy with the end product at the end of the day and at a very low cost of RM150, I managed to get it installed at my own convenience.

Just to also highlight the product doesn’t need to be only applied on your front bumper. There are other folks who also applied it to their side skirt as well as their rear bumper as well.

If you are interested to have a rubber lip for your car, you can contact Ykit at 012-342 9029.

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