Plug – A Big Ass Battery Pack

The moment power banks hit the market, it filled a real need. People who have been used to having long lasting mobile phones suddenly needed to recharge their phones on the go thanks to the emergence of the smartphone. Enter Plug, a big ass battery pack from the folks over at ChargeTech. The name sounds familiar? I did a review on their thinnest iPhone 6 charging case recently. Check it out here.


Their IndieGoGo campaign has just started, so if you are interested in it, you can head over there and support it.

Definitely, something which is useful because it has a solar charger which means if ever you are faced with a zombie apocalypse, you are definitely sure to have power available even when the power stations are down.

I guess this comes as useful for me since I have been reading manga such as Survival and Cage of Eden, having a solar powered battery pack would definitely come in useful in those situations.

Useful Facts

  • It has 48,000mAh of power
  • Pass through charging (charge both Plug and your devices together)
  • It uses Tesla Battery Cells
  • Portable
  • Solar Powered
  • 2x AC points, both of which uses a universal point (works well anywhere in the world)
  • 2x USB charging points

Use Cases

Here are some use cases I can think of for the Plug.

  • Great way to keep your devices connected while camping
  • A fantastic charging point when you do photo and video points offsite, especially for your lighting equipment
  • A great device to charge your Drone batteries while you are on the go

If you have any other use cases, do leave a comment below.

Note: This isn’t an advertisement, I believe that this product seems quite interesting and have considered funding it via IndieGoGo. I love searching for projects on crowdfunding sites and this one particularly caught my eye. 

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