The iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and missing MacBook Pro

Apple’s September event came and gone very quickly without making so much of a tidal wave amidst the tech world. It really seems as if gone are the days that Apple’s events make huge headlines (they still do) but it isn’t what it has been known for. What Apple did over the week was launch the iPhone 7, the Apple Watch Series 2 and didn’t announce a new MacBook Pro.


Apple Watch Series 2

I really like this new watch. It doesn’t look any different from the first generation version but it is definitely something that I am considering getting. Why is that? In truth, the Apple Watch hasn’t really been a real use to me because the only time I can exercise is during lunch time or after work and I usually go swimming. That renders my Apple Watch a little useless. With the new Series 2, I am glad that I can use it while swimming and also track my swimming exercise. So I am definitely going to consider getting a silver aluminium Apple Watch Series 2.

Of course, other things which do tempt me is a faster processor as well as WatchOS 3 which makes applications snappy on the Apple Watch. Hopefully, that would indeed be the case as the user experience on the current Apple Watch hasn’t really been top notch.

A quick search on Apple Malaysia’s website shows that the model that I am looking at is priced at RM1,749. A little bit more than what I paid for the original Apple Watch.

iPhone 7

Every two years, I would normally upgrade my iPhone. It started with the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and then the iPhone 6+. Seems like this time around, it is time for the iPhone 7+ for me. Now if you would say that two years is such a quick time to upgrade, well, normally my devices are always passed down and each of my devices is used over at least 6 years. Both the iPhone 4 and 5 are still in use and once the iPhone 7 is launched here in Malaysia, I will pass down my iPhone 6+.

The new features aren’t exactly something really to shout about. What I was impressed was how fast the iPhone 6s was. To me, as my iPhone is heavily used, having a faster speed is definitely a great welcome and I wouldn’t mind jumping on the iPhone 7 which some touts as a speed bump rather than a game changer.

What I am torn about is whether to get the black or the jet black (early takes show that it attracts fingerprints like crazy) model. I have been purchasing the white version of the iPhones for the past 4 years so the black is a welcome change.

Here are some of the features which I am looking forward to

  • The new home button and faster touch ID – Apple has finally moved away from a physical button. The physical button which causes everyone to be so paranoid which makes iPhone users put a translucent button on their screen in order to avoid physically pressing the home button.
  •  Dual cameras – I love the camera function on the iPhone. I take lots of photos and videos with it so having something better is a welcome.
  • Improved Speakers – I really don’t like using Bluetooth speakers as the additional step to connect and pair with them seems to put me off. On top of that, the prices of the nicer speakers cost a bomb so having better speakers on the iPhone 7 makes it a feature I look forward to.
  • AirPods – This really looks great because of how easy it is to pair with them. They cost a bomb, at USD$159. So far no prices have been mentioned on Apple Malaysia. We do know however it will be available in October 2016. If you watch some of the videos, I just love how seamless it is to pair the AirPods with your other Apple devices. At any given time, I do travel with at least 3 Apple devices such as my iPhone, iPad and my MacBook Pro. Having the ability to seamless connect and switch between these 3 devices is indeed something I look forward to.

The only problem is that stocks are quite limited and even pre-orders in the US has been delayed until November! That means by the time it is available here in Malaysia, it could be in December. Gives me a bit of time to save up for the device.

Currently, there are people who are selling units on the Lowyat forums, so far it costs around more than RM4,000.

Screenshot of the Lowyat Mobile Phone Garage Sales forum

A new MacBook Pro?

Apple has never been one to annouce the MacBook Pro during September announcements so why should we expect one this time around? Well it was all for wishful thinking. Still, the MacBook Pro is due for an upgrade and with current prices, the laptop is reaching into areas where it isn’t the first choice for many people because of it’s prices.

Previously before the price-hike, the MacBook Pro was deemed to be rather on the slightly above average laptop in terms of price point but now, they are definitely in the premium range. The MacBook is definitely a premium laptop which sacrifices power for portability.

I am looking forward to a refreshed MacBook Pro to replace my current 2014 retina Macbook Pro and was thinking of getting the 15″ version so I can also have the processing power to work on both video and photo edits.

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