Apple Wearables are failing me

I just realised it has been many months since I last updated here and that is a shame. Many events have come and gone especially in this era of Apple where Jony Ive has decided to call it quits. What bugs me lately is the quality of the Apple Wearables that I have.

Apple Watch Generation 1

My first beef is that the battery swelled up to a point that the screen popped out. Definitely requires to be sent to the service centre where they will charge RM60 for a diagnostic check (this is referring to the Mac City Service Centre located at 1 Utama). I haven’t decided to send it in yet but from what I have read online, this case isn’t exactly isolated.

Apple Watch Generation 2

Yes, I have another watch which I used when I swim and is now on my wrist on a daily basis. Recently I realised that the force touch functionality on the screen is not working. That means I can’t change the functionality of the options on the watch face. Luckily I am not one to constantly change it. From what I read online, to fix it would require a screen change which would cost a lot and definitely not something you might want to change.

Apple Airpods non-wireless charging

And finally, my Apple Airpods. Although I don’t use it every day, after its warranty period has ended, it decided to just stop working correctly. The Airpods would randomly get disconnected during calls and at times the right side would just stop working. After two weeks of trying to troubleshoot it and reading through countless forums and sites which says they could fix that issue (believe me, I tried), I finally gave up and just decided to send it in to the service centre. Again, it would take 7 days for them to diagnose and it has already cost me RM60. Who knows what they might charge me to repair it.

On the other hand, since I have these 3 accessories, I am quite tempted to get the Nomad Base Station. It looks absolutely gorgeous and definitely is a perfect charging matt for all your devices with the only exception for me that my Airpods are the non-wireless charging type. Still, I wonder if I should stick with the Airpods or perhaps try out the latest Powerbeats Pro which features the same W1 chip which means usability is as seamless as a banana.

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