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Apple Wearables are failing me

I just realised it has been many months since I last updated here and that is a shame. Many events have come and gone especially in this era of Apple where Jony Ive has decided to call it quits. What bugs me lately is the quality of the Apple Wearables that I have. Apple Watch […]

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Will Apple Release a new Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and other hardware later this year?

It is about time especially since Apple has been extremely lacklustre when it comes to their ageing hardware such as the Mac Mini and Mac Pro which hasn’t been updated in years! In the tech world, years could mean an entire lifetime. With every year comes rumours and here are the latest rumours about the […]

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Review – Nomad Modern Build Strap for Apple Watch

I wear my Apple Watch on a daily basis and lately I have gotten tired and bored of my Milanese Loop. I would try to swap back to the original rubber straps but I felt that it didn’t seem formal enough at work. That was when I saw an advert for Nomad’s Modern Build Apple […]

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Review: My Fake Apple Watch Milanese Loop

Last Updated: 24-Jan 2016 Ever since Apple started selling the Apple Watch, I was initially curious, then decided against buying one but ended up with one anyway due to an impulse buy. To be frank, it was a good buy because right after that the prices of Apple products shot up thanks to the weakening […]