Review: My Fake Apple Watch Milanese Loop

Last Updated: 24-Jan 2016

Ever since Apple started selling the Apple Watch, I was initially curious, then decided against buying one but ended up with one anyway due to an impulse buy. To be frank, it was a good buy because right after that the prices of Apple products shot up thanks to the weakening Ringgit.

Now, of course, I wanted to just buy the cheapest variant of the Apple watch at the time and I managed to get myself the 42mm Apple Sport Watch variant. The Sport Watch variant did come with a rubber strap so at times the watch felt a little informal. Since the watch isn’t officially sold here yet in Malaysia, I couldn’t just pop into any premium reseller to buy a new strap.

The big problem was that the strap that I like most was extremely expensive! It costs more than the watch alone.

So I did the next best thing and scoured the likes of Lazada and found one for RM150.

It arrived while I was on holiday so I got a nice little surprise when I got back to the office.


Oh my goodness! Did you say fake? Yup, it is an absolutely original copy of the original strap.

I chose the black stainless steel Milanese strap to match my black Apple Watch Sport edition. For RM150 it is a steal compared to me purchasing one from Apple at USD$149.

I liked the Milanese Loop design mostly because the adjustments allow the watch to fit perfectly on the wrist and the metal bits are still too small to snag the hair on my wrist.

As you can see above, I do have fairly hairy hands.

So far it doesn’t itch (I assumed that these China products might contain some weird stuff) and hopefully it stays this way.

Somehow I have a feeling that the colour might peel off or fade off over time.

Usability Update (24-Jan)

  1. After a month of using the strap, I haven’t felt any skin irritation on my part
  2. The strap does snag a little bit of the hair on my hand. Happened only once or twice
  3. I used it for sports, it was amazing (I was using it during archery tag!)
  4. I got the strap wet and it hasn’t rusted so that is a win for me.


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