How to launch MySejahtera by double tapping the back of your iPhone

So when iOS 14 was recently released last week, there was a buzz that went around showing that you could double-tap the back of your iPhone and take a screenshot instead of awkwardly trying to click a sequence of buttons to do that. I was chatting about that new feature in a chat group and someone said we should be able to do that to launch the MySejahtera app instead (the local Malaysia contact tracing app). That made me think and within 5 minutes, I managed to set it up. Here is how you get it done.

Image Source: The Star

Step 1: Create a shortcut to launch MySejahtera

Step 1: Creating a shortcut to open an application
  1. Open the “Shortcuts” application on your iPhone
  2. Select the “+” sign
  3. Click on the bottom section to launch the menu.
Step 1: Use the scripting function, the App function doesn’t allow certain apps to be opened that way

4.Select “Scripting” and then select “Open App

Step 1: Assign the MySejahtera app in the script

5. Select “Choose” and search through the apps on your phone. Choose the “MySejahtera” app

Step 2: Rename the Shortcut

Step 2: You can choose to also include the shortcut as a widget or on your home screen as well

After creating the shortcut, click on the circle with the 3 dots. This will bring up a menu where you can add the shortcut to the home screen or rename it. I suggest to rename it to a name which is easy to remember.

Step 3: Assign the Shortcut to the action

Step 3: Now activate “Back Tap” and assign your shortcut to the action

Now it is time to assign the shortcut to the action.

So first go to the “Settings” in your iPhone menu.

Select “Accessibility” and then under physical and motor, choose “Touch”.

Step 3: Assigning it to the shortcut is at the bottom of the list

Scroll all the way to the bottom and then choose the “Back Tap” menu and enable it. You can choose either to assign the short cut to double-tap or to triple tap.

I assigned the MySejahtera app to my triple-tap action. Once you have done this, you can test it out for yourself!


Image source: Photo by The Star and Youssef Sarhan on Unsplash

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