Entier French Dining

Last month I celebrated my birthday by trying out a place I have always wanted to try, Entier. Specialising in French food, Entier has been all the buzz over social media. Getting a booking was difficult, and I had to book at least 1.5 months ahead. When it got to our reservation date, I had booked lunch as it was easier for us. Things happened one after the other. We were running late and when we finally arrived there, my wife’s shoe broke so it was an interesting run around the building finding ways to mend the shoe.

Thankfully, they kept our reservations and wow; the entire dining hall was filled up. Upon entering the beautiful restaurant, we were seated on the inside (there are seats which offered a great view). Still, it gave a nice romantic vibe to the whole place. Being as famished as we were, I just asked the waiter to recommend all of our food. I ordered a 3-course menu set for both me and my wife.


For starters, our waiter recommended us to try the Salmon & Katsuo as well as the Prawn & Mango.

I am definitely not a foodie or someone very sophisticated, but damn; the foam had so much taste in them!

Both dishes gave an overall refreshing start to the meal with very interesting flavour profiles. Overall, each of them felt really balance and brings an amalgamation of different flavours all into a single bite.


Again, this was recommended by our server, so we had the Bavette Beef and the Ox Cheek. Both the meats were nicely seasoned and had good taste. Still, in terms of overall steaks, there are nicer places to try out. So the next time I go back to Entier, I would try other meats instead.


Honestly, I can’t remember what we ordered, but I am guessing it was the crème brûlée and the banana eclair. Hopefully, I didn’t get it wrong!

Creme Brulee

Dessert was decadent but not overtly sweet. I could eat them all day long!

Banana Eclair

Overall Conclusion

Overall combining the ambience, the price of the set lunch (affordable in my opinion) and also the quality of the food, this is a place I would definitely return. I will want to make a dinner reservation and try out different menu sets and also different dishes which are available during dinner. I highly recommend this place, especially if you are celebrating an occasion or even just to spoil yourself. They have different table sizes, so going in groups is fine and you can even book a room for a party as well.

Google Maps Location

Do note that Entier is in a building call Alila, which states that it is in Bangsar but in fact it is in Brickfields. There is parking within the building in which you would need to take a lift down to the lobby before taking another lift to level 41.

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