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Review: Using Apple’s AirPods

I am truly not much of a music person. Yes, I do subscribe to Spotify and I just listen to the same playlist and sometimes switch between productive tunes to another random playlist that is shared on the streaming service. What I do listen consistently are podcasts and that is usually when I am driving.

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Of Surfaces and Security

Microsoft has really been excelling when it comes to their own hardware offerings. Whilst some may look at their failed attempts in the phone arena, they seem to be punching above their weight class in the domain of ultraportables and even when it comes to design and creatives.  Yesterday, news of the new Surface Pro

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The State of Wireless Payments in Malaysia

The first question most people would ask, are wireless payments safe? Thanks to numerous rumours and fake news flying around on both social media and chat groups, the adoption has taken a slight pause. It had come to a point where Bank Negara themselves had to issue out a statement that contactless cards are safe

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