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Will Apple Release a new Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and other hardware later this year?

It is about time especially since Apple has been extremely lacklustre when it comes to their ageing hardware such as the Mac Mini and Mac Pro which hasn’t been updated in years! In the tech world, years could mean an entire lifetime. With every year comes rumours and here are the latest rumours about the

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Trying to figure out the best 144hz monitor

Ever since I started playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds more often, I have contemplated getting a better monitor, one that primarily focuses on a higher refresh rate. My dilemma is two-fold, should I get a cheap one which just has a high refresh rate of 144Hz or should I look at something more long-term, which offers G-Sync, 144Hz,

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Being productive with Notability on the iPad Pro

My iPad experience has been one of many facets this past couple of years. From my experimenting with the 12.9″ version, then using the latest iPad 9.7″ and then to the iPad Pro 10.5″, I have been trying to figure out a delicate balance between being productive with the iPad or just consuming it as

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