VW Das Auto Show – Part 2

With the VW Das Auto Show happening over the weekend, the Bukit Jalil Stadium has been transformed, well not the actual stadium itself but if you happened to drive by it you would definitely notice a huge white dome right in the parking lot. I was quite lucky to get invited together with a bunch…… Continue reading VW Das Auto Show – Part 2

Photography Workshop: A Photographer’s Day Out

Just would like to highlight to everyone out there that there is a photography workshop, entitled “A Photographer’s Day Out”, being held on the 13th of December (next Saturday) at Centrepoint Bandar Utama organized by Integricity Visuals. This workshop will be held by my good friend, Grace, and will be aimed at photography enthusiasts at…… Continue reading Photography Workshop: A Photographer’s Day Out

An event I shot a couple of weeks back

In one of my earlier blog post, I mentioned that I was caught on camera while shooting an event. Over the weekend, Louis asked me a question, “So Mark, have you been shooting a lot lately?”. Well frankly, I was rather shy to say that my last wedding shoot was in July and my last…… Continue reading An event I shot a couple of weeks back

Another workshop again?

In about 2 hours time I will be attending a talk by Zung from The Photoz in Damansara Utama. More information about the talk can be found here. I will blog about this event pretty soon. Currently am extremely busy with work and after last night’s or rather, this morning’s 1am teleconference with folks over…… Continue reading Another workshop again?