My first TimeToAttack

Updated on 9th of May 2014: Added in the official results from ZeroToHundred Today would be two firsts for me, first time I am participating in ZeroToHundred’s TimeToAttack and me blogging using my iPhone 5. But of course the first one sounds a little more interesting. The day started off with registration and a car…… Continue reading My first TimeToAttack

Sepang Trackdays

Once you get bitten by the bug, you really start to really think about a lot of other things. Yup, that is right. Last year I had an opportunity to drive on the track at Sepang International Circuit. It was an open track day and the prices were extremely steep! I was surrounded by 4-5…… Continue reading Sepang Trackdays

BMW Intensive Driver Training

Last year I joined the BMW Advanced Driver Training which was held at the carpark area at Sepang Circuit (read my last post here). Later in the year, I managed to score seats at the BMW Intensive Driver Training. The difference between these two trainings is that the Advanced training was mostly done at the…… Continue reading BMW Intensive Driver Training

Review – BMW F30 328i

With most test drives you get from the dealerships and showroom, all the sales guys would probably let you do is bring you along a pre-approved route around the dealership just to let you have a feel about a certain car. To me, my experience with the BMW F30 328i is on a whole different…… Continue reading Review – BMW F30 328i