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Internet Rantings


BERSIH came twice with protests on the streets and garnered a huge publicity. Upheavals in the Middle East brought down governments and don’t even get me started on the countless of revolutions which happened over the past hundreds of years. Riots and panic caused a lot of damage and even death to some of the people caught in the stampede. Most of this time, it all takes a bit of spark to set off the.. Read More

Help your friend win a free portrait shoot!

Now the title of this post says it all, instead of finding ways to always treat ourselves and making ourselves feel good by buying that really nice new gadget (hides in shame as I have been lusting for the iPad), lets do something different for a change, lets make that difference in someone’s life. So, do you know of someone who would love to have their photo taken? It could be an engaged.. Read More

Introducing the Stories Facebook Page

Now in case you do not know that if you scroll to my menu bar on my blog and select wedding photography, you get directed to Why do you ask? That is because most of my wedding photography work is up on their site together with Grace’s and Johan’s work. But of course that might confuse some people especially with the inquiries that comes through to me, I usually have to respond.. Read More

Whats on my iPhone

I recently learned how to actually take screenshots of my iPhone screen and thanks to that, I can actually post up a post which has been lingering in my mind lately but I just was too darn lazy to actually capture screenies on my phone using my camera! Anyway before I proceed with the actual post, here is a short tutotial on how to take a screenshot of your iPhone screen. Just click.. Read More

Some updates here and there

Ok, I gave up trying to figure out how to migrate WordPress Permalinks to a new structure and update all of my old previous posts. I managed to find a plugin by Dean but it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress 2.7. I am really trying to figure out how I can change the permalink structure of all my previous posts. If anyone has any idea, do let me know! On another hand,.. Read More