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Ok, your friend is carrying an iPhone with its super cool and sleek interface which makes you go “ga-ga”. Everyday you look at your own Windows Mobile device and wish that it could turn into an iPhone or you would have some super cool application. You try to search the web for an iPhone skin for your PDA/Phone and hope that it works.

You install the application, you try to turn it on. Nothing works! Your phone starts to overheat and smoke is coming out from your speakers. You drop your phone as the burning sensation overcomes your pain nerves. At about this point you would probably know that I am bullshitting but nevertheless; you would want your phone to burn up as it will give you an excuse to ask your cousin staying in the US to get you that super cool iPhone.

Well I can’t really help you to fulfill your desire to have something sexy and sleek but this application which I found out about could perhaps give you a little something to drool over for a while. Head over to and you will know what I am talking about.

Yes, I am talking about an application which works with our Windows Mobile device available on the web. And the best thing about it, (definitely a pull factor for most Malaysians) it is absolutely free!

Pointui Home is Free

We’re nearing launch so we decided it was time to share the good news, as you would have guessed from the heading, Home will be free. There will not be any advertising or catches attached, plain and simply free. If you see value and wish to contribute by way of a donation then you can do so through the PayPal link on the product page.

If you don’t believe how smooth it is, check out the YouTube video of it.


Unless you are super patient and will be willing to wait for the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 which will focus on touch screen capabilities and motion gestures.

Check out this link to see more pictures of the new WM7 interface.

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