Chicago the Windy City – Day 2

Alright, I am definitely responsible for a little lack of blog updates. I guess the moment I turned this into a true blue photography blog, I seem to realise that I have that amount to blog about but then again, I am the number procrastinator when it comes to processing photos and getting up on…… Continue reading Chicago the Windy City – Day 2

Langkawi – Day 2

To be honest, after being to islands like Phuket, Bali and even Singapore (no, I am not talking about people with an island mentality), I have come to realise the vast difference between Langkawi and these other tourist destinations. Seriously, the place could definitely use something to spruce it up but then, what does Langkawi…… Continue reading Langkawi – Day 2

Chicago the Windy City – Day 1

Before anyone asks where is Day 2 of the WeddingStory Langkawi trip, I decided that I definitely wanted to post up some other photos of my recent trip to the US. Back in May, I flew to the States to attend a training in Chicago for a week where I planned a short break after…… Continue reading Chicago the Windy City – Day 1

Langkawi – Day 1

* Apologies for the confusion, I am trying out a new desktop publishing tool and it seemed to have screwed up the entire post and I have lost everything! * The one thing I really hate to do is to retype an entire blog post which I have spent quite a fair bit of time…… Continue reading Langkawi – Day 1

Off to Langkawi

It is 7am here now in Kuala Lumpur and I am feeling extremely sleepy. Getting up at 5am is something I don’t do too often, of course sleeping at 5am doesn’t count. So the title probably gave me away. Here I am sitting at the newly refurbished Taste of Asia restaurant at the LCCT airport surfing the web (using my Maxis 3G line because the wi-fi here is near impossible to connect to!) whilst waiting for my flight at 7.30 together with the WeddingStory team.